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Salad Supreme

February 29, 2012

I’m a recipe follower when it comes to cooking.  I’ve never been successful at simply adding a dash here or a pinch there, and I find it difficult to identify individual flavors in a dish.  My sister-in-law, however, is the complete opposite:  she can sniff, taste, and generally eyeball a food and reconstruct it to perfection.

J and her family have been visiting from Amsterdam.  Earlier this week she encountered a kale salad at a local deli, and after tasting a small sampling and asking a couple of questions, she began working on her own version when she got back to our house.  Fresh kale, olive oil, lemon juice, dried cranberries, and a few pine nuts… twenty minutes later, it appeared on the dinner table — simple, but oh so delicious.  I’ve already returned to the store to load up on more ingredients… I cannot seem to get enough of it!

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