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December 11, 2017





It looks like Fall is over.

Fashionable Family Friday: Unwrapped

December 8, 2017

Bateman 0387 (1)


In my younger days, Christmas mornings were relaxed and unassuming.  I’m happy to say that they still are.

In Flight

December 6, 2017



It’s a sparkly kind of season!


December 4, 2017



So you’d better be good… Santa is looking your way.

Fashionable Family Friday: Little Helpers

December 1, 2017

Bateman 0228 copy


I have no idea what Sister S and I were doing, but it looks like we were sitting a little too close to the Christmas tree, and consequently, the presents.  We may be cute, but I think there might have been some mischief in the the making.  I can see the wheels a-turning.

Not Quite Ready

November 29, 2017



You can tell the holiday season is upon us when the ice skating rink starts going up.


November 27, 2017



I try to take a deep breath and clear my head during the week between Thanksgiving and the first of December.  One rush is over and another is right around the corner.