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In Step

December 7, 2016



Behold the march of the chocolate Santas!

Simple Gifts

December 5, 2016





Sometimes the classiest gifts are close to home… as when a stalk of Brussels sprouts and a can of spray paint are all you need to make a fabulous centerpiece.

Fashionable Family Friday: In the Zone

December 2, 2016



Sister L was: (a) meditating; (b) pretending I wasn’t there; or (c) willing herself to another place and time.  I was simply providing contrast.

Window Dressing

November 30, 2016



I would love to know what it feels like to wear a dress made out of balloons — very squeaky, I’m sure.   While I was contemplating the complications, H was focused on his favorite Chattanooga donut shop across the street.

Fading with Grace

November 28, 2016



I am more acutely aware of the beauty that Mother Nature leaves behind as we slip into the seasons of quiet rest.

Fashionable Family Friday: Co-Conspirators

November 25, 2016



I’m not sure if Susie, our cocker spaniel, was contained to keep me company or if she had gotten into trouble, too.

Such a Bargain

November 23, 2016



The sign in the smoke shop window said: $2.00 Cigar Boxes.  How could I refuse?