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Red Brigade

March 22, 2017



H and I pass by these canoes and kayaks whenever we take one of our favorite river walks.  Although they are dormant this time of year, come summer most will be cruising down the river.

Subtle Signs

March 20, 2017



I find that if I slow down and really pay attention, I can find little signs of spring in even the smallest nooks and crannies.

Fashionable Family Friday: I spy

March 17, 2017

Bateman 0462 copy


Group shots were inevitable whenever we visited Grandma.  This one of my sisters and our cousins was typical, although it appears that Sister L was a little distracted.  I would love to know what she was observing that the rest of us weren’t.

Behind Curtain C

March 15, 2017







The process of remodeling our two upstairs bathrooms has begun.  It’s amazing to see the inner layers of our home, areas that haven’t been exposed to light in almost forty years.


March 13, 2017



Enjoying some fresh veggies and adding a little color to a cold and overcast day.

Fashionable Family Friday: Mix and Match

March 10, 2017

Bateman 0627 (1) copy


Well… I believe we each did a fine job of matching our outfits, although I don’t know why Sister S thought she needed such a large pocketbook.  As for me, I wish I knew what I had been visualizing that morning when I chose that ensemble.

Early Bloomer

March 8, 2017

IMG_7853 (1)


The tulip tree is one of my favorite flowering trees.  It is the quintessential sign of spring to me.  The blooms don’t last long, which makes me love them even more.