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Big Art

June 19, 2018













We live near the city of Marietta, Georgia, where a growing focus on public art has made the city an increasingly exciting place to visit.  This past spring, the town celebrated its newly opened Mountain to River Trail with an invitation to local artists to contribute to a rotating exhibit of vibrant murals, sculptures, and installations along the way.  H and I recently spent a lovely evening exploring the side streets, where turning each corner brought a surprise burst of color and fun.  (Visit the Marietta Public Art Tour site for more.)


May 14, 2018



Reflections on a warm day.

Ducks in a Row

May 9, 2018



That’s a lot of wooden ducks to have sitting around the house.

The Good Kind

May 7, 2018



These are my kind of bugs.  They don’t bite, sting, or annoy… they just look cute.

That’s a Wrap

April 25, 2018







I love scarves.  I’m drawn to them not only for warmth, but also for the colors and patterns and textures.  The weather is finally warming up enough that it’s time to pack mine away, but not without a last look.

Beauty on the Inside

April 23, 2018





My young niece, T, is a rock hound just like me.  I sent her several specimens for her birthday, including one of these geodes.  From the outside, these are not very impressive, but once cracked open, the crystal lining is quite breathtaking.  Her father sent me a short video of T breaking her geode open with a hammer.  Her audible gasp of delight mimicked mine.  Ahhhhh!

Holy Rollers

April 18, 2018



Mom collected rolling pins and had them hanging on the wall in the kitchen.  There must have been fifty or more.  A few weeks ago, my sister (who still has the collection) let me borrow several for an art project that I was leading at church.  Each time I held one in my hand, I thought of my mother and all the stories held in these wooden handles.