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Fashionable Family Friday: A Penny for Our Thoughts

September 23, 2016



We were a very intense trio.  It looks like something was a-brewin’.


September 21, 2016



This image was taken a couple of years ago when H and I were visiting the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico.  The starkness of the adobe buildings and landscape is breathtaking.

So Many Choices

September 19, 2016







There’s a fun little ice cream shop in Marietta called SweeTreats.  H and I like to stop and indulge when we’re exploring the shops on the square.  It’s known for blending the flavors to order. Our favorite is Toffee Coffee.

Fashionable Family Friday: Keeping an Eye on You

September 16, 2016



My grandmother and aunt are looking mighty hip in those sunglasses.  I, on the other hand, look like I’m being restrained in order to preserve the remaining flowers.

The Call of Java

September 14, 2016



I love everything about this quirky little coffee sign that H and I saw hanging in a Dahlonega shop window.  It was really calling out to us to drop in for a bit of caffeine and a little something sweet to eat.


September 12, 2016



These bird images have been propped on my office windowsill for a while.  I laugh each time I look up from my drawing board and see them staring at me, as if waiting for me to ask their opinions.

Fashionable Family Friday: Generations

September 9, 2016

This is just a sweet family photo of me, my sisters (with our cameras ready), our great-aunt W, and great-grandmother G (creator of the matching aprons and W’s mother).  Mom snapped the picture, which means there were four generations of women together on that day.