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Fashionable Family Friday: Captive!

May 26, 2017

Bateman 0327


Always the ever-helpful sister, there would be no mishaps on my watch.

Playing in the Park

May 24, 2017

IMG_9362 copy


Early last month, H and I visited New York City and, of course, strolled through Central Park.  At the far northern end is the Conservatory Garden, where we discovered a delightful piece of art, the Untermeyer Fountain (Fountain of the Three Dancing Maidens).  I was struck by the life-sized bronze figures, so full of life and joy. You couldn’t help but smile.

Spring Refreshment

May 22, 2017

IMG_5761 copy






It’s been a rainy Monday here, but all the flowers seem to be enjoying a fresh drink.

Fashionable Family Friday: Posing

May 19, 2017

Bateman 0374 copy


I’m struck by how sweet and innocent my sisters and I look while posing with Aunt M.  Don’t let all those angelic smiles fool you.

Welcome Back

May 17, 2017

IMG_5596 copy


I’m always surprised when I step into the secret garden.  I keep a log of what I’ve planted over the years, but never quite know what’s going to actually show up with each new season.  This year, a delicate little jack-in-the-pulpit pushed its way up through the post-winter blanket of leaves.  It’s a beauty!

Nest Eggs

May 15, 2017

IMG_0334.JPG (1) copy


My sister-in-law, C, sent me this photo of the decorative shelf hanging on her patio in Arizona.  Thinking C was showing me her still-life presentation, I completely missed the bird’s nest with eggs until she pointed it out. A mourning dove has apparently made this her home for the next few weeks. I believe that I’m as excited as C is!


Fashionable Family Friday: Nostalgia

May 12, 2017

Bateman 0792


My sisters and I grew up spending our summers with our great aunt and uncle at their cabin on Lake Wateree in South Carolina.  It was a magical place where life was simple and full of happiness and laughter.