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Fashionable Family Friday: Swept Away

February 17, 2017



I can’t believe that I purposely teased my hair to such great heights, but I sure don’t see any signs of a gusty wind.

The Touch of Nature

February 15, 2017



This is the view I see above my head when I sit at my computer.  It’s always good to have some bird magic close by.

Tools of the Trade

February 13, 2017







H and his brother D are major train enthusiasts.  When D was in town a few weeks ago, we visited a model train exhibit at the Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History.  While they enjoyed the trains, I was drawn to an exhibit on how scale model trees are made.  I loved this behind-the-scene insight on how the magic happens.

Fashionable Family Friday: I Need a Hug

February 10, 2017



Time to put down the camera!

They’re Coming

February 8, 2017



It may sound silly, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off this cloud.  Hovering behind the trees with the glow of the late afternoon light, it gave me the impression of a hovering spaceship.  I think I’ve been watching too many sci-fi movies.

Sign of Spring

February 6, 2017



Each January I watch the buds on the camellia trees just outside our kitchen window swell to the point of bursting, until one February day they do.  Yesterday I found the first flower of the season.  What a beauty!

Fashionable Family Friday: Crying Shame

February 3, 2017



Some days are just better than others.