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Fashionable Family Friday: Warm That Sucker Up!

January 20, 2017



It looks like I was supervising my meal preparations, with a touch of impatience.


Birthday Girl

January 18, 2017



It’s not often you get to celebrate a birthday with a ninety-six year old.  Happy Birthday to my dear mother-in-law M.

Unwelcome Visitor

January 16, 2017



In the bird world, drama is sometimes difficult to see, but it’s there in the treetops.  If you look closely, you’ll see one of several crows harassing a great horned owl, trying to drive it away.  On this quiet January day, their noise was almost deafening.

Fashionable Family Friday: Sunday Best

January 13, 2017



A Sunday go-to-meetin’ family portrait (with dog).

Ancient Wisdom

January 11, 2017



H and I were standing on one of the garden trails at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix when I took this photo.  The angle and height give me the feeling of being in council with the elders.

Rolling in Style

January 9, 2017



Now this is a fun shopping cart.  H and I passed by it while at the Chalktoberfest on the Marietta Square this past fall.  A part of the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art’s booth, it held all the potential for a crazy creative day.

Fashionable Family Friday: Safety First

January 6, 2017



Although Sister S was serving as a spotter, I’m not sure she was fully focused on her mission.  Good thing I was keeping an eye on things.