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I Love You

February 14, 2019

IMG_3674 2


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Survival of the Fittest

February 6, 2019







A rumble recently took place right next to the Fairy Garden at the church preschool outdoor classroom.  I don’t know who started it, but there were obvious winners and losers.

We’ll Take Care of It

February 2, 2019











The Hunter Museum in Chattanooga, TN has a children’s activity space where kids can participate in a hands-on exploration of art.  The room looks out over the river and is filled with colorful supplies and various examples of art styles and ideas.  

This past summer, H and I visited the museum and discovered that one of the projects available was making worry dolls.  Some cultures believe that these tiny creations take away your worries when placed under your pillow at night, and the simple act of creating them can help process emotions.  

Every inch of the windowsills was covered with the dolls, each one unique.  I left there without a care in the world, smiling from ear to ear. 

Follow the Light

January 7, 2019



After an extended period of rain and dark, dreary skies, the sun finally popped out this weekend.  H and I headed straight for the boardwalk.


January 1, 2019





New Year’s Day is a favorite of ours.  It’s quiet and peaceful, with lots of togetherness and introspection.  H and I always try to slip in a nature walk at one of the local parks, and I start a fresh bird count for the year — seventeen and counting.

Old Friends Return

October 7, 2018









Fall is my favorite season for many reasons, not the least of which is the arrival of pumpkins at our church.  There’s nothing subtle about their shapes and colors… toss in some crazy textures, and you have a perfect mix.   What’s not to love about the gourd family?! 


September 26, 2018





Say hello to Camille the chameleon and Athena the gecko.  They currently reside at my sister’s home in their own high-rise apartments, complete with heat lamps, misters, and personalized environments.  Camille enjoys her lush rainforest decor with plenty of climbing opportunities, while Athena prefers a more modern space of minimum greenery and boxes and caves to explore.  

My friend J is their caretaker.   She knows their personalities inside and out and spoils them accordingly.  They lead a very pampered life.  

When they’re not eating or sleeping, I like to think that they spend their free time daydreaming.

Clouds and Cattails

September 22, 2018



It was a grand day for cloud watching.

Air Bee and Bee

August 6, 2018







It’s not just the turtles that I find fascinating at CNC.  This beautifully constructed and gorgeous hotel for bees really caught my imagination.  It’s like a giant sculpture waiting to be explored.  Luckily, I know better than to disturb the inhabitants’ beauty rest.

Parker Mills of Boy Scout Troop 433 organized his Eagle Scout Service Project around protecting native bees.  Who knew that some bees prefer their own suite?

When Turtles Fly

August 4, 2018





H and I just visited the Chattahoochee Nature Center, where I was mesmerized by the turtles.  I’ve never seen quite so many dipping, diving, and floating within a hand’s reach.   The reflections of the clouds gave them some amazing superpowers.