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Fashionable Family Friday: Masquerade

October 28, 2016



These costumes are classic Halloween to me.  I especially loved those plastic masks.  I can remember staring at a wall full of possible personas when I was young, then trying on each mask for fit and sight clearance.

Window Dressing

October 26, 2016



I love window-shopping on the town square, especially during the holidays, just to see what surprises will be on display.  I had to stop and laugh at the silliness of this one.  You’d never know it was for the ice cream shop.

Turn Back Now!!

October 24, 2016



H and I drove past this haunted house in Woodstock a few weeks back.  It had not opened yet, but the mural told of frightening things to come.

Fashionable Family Friday: Boo to You!

October 21, 2016



It looks like my sisters and I have covered the basic Halloween costumes with patent leather go-go boots, warpaint, scruffy hobo attire… oh, and a particularly creepy neighbor clown.

Fake Flowers, Real Bug!

October 19, 2016



Stink alert!  It’s had to imagine that something so intricate and beautifully detailed could be so smelly when swatted or crushed.  I try to avoid stink bugs at all costs.

Making a Statement

October 17, 2016



We’ve all got such a unique sense of who we are.  I love the contrast in mother/daughter fashion styles.

Fashionable Family Friday: Hold On!

October 14, 2016



I’ve shared many family photos where I am holding someone in place, much like the armlock I have on my niece, J.  However, this is the first time I’ve realized that my mom had a similar firm grip on me.  Hmmm… maybe this inclination to restrain is hereditary.