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Beauty on the Inside

April 23, 2018





My young niece, T, is a rock hound just like me.  I sent her several specimens for her birthday, including one of these geodes.  From the outside, these are not very impressive, but once cracked open, the crystal lining is quite breathtaking.  Her father sent me a short video of T breaking her geode open with a hammer.  Her audible gasp of delight mimicked mine.  Ahhhhh!

Holy Rollers

April 18, 2018



Mom collected rolling pins and had them hanging on the wall in the kitchen.  There must have been fifty or more.  A few weeks ago, my sister (who still has the collection) let me borrow several for an art project that I was leading at church.  Each time I held one in my hand, I thought of my mother and all the stories held in these wooden handles.


April 16, 2018



I am currently immersed in a fascinating book by Jennifer Pharr Davis titled Becoming Odyssa:  Epic Adventures on the Appalachian Trail.  It’s the true story of Ms. Davis’s solo hike at the age of twenty-one across the 2175-mile Appalachian Trail.


A term that appears often in the work is thru-hiker — defined as someone who hikes a long-distance trek, end-to-end, within one hiking season.  I had never heard the expression before reading the book.  Since then, I’ve seen it several times, including on an entire wall at a local outdoor recreational shop dedicated to their clients who have walked the trail.


Spring Cleaning

April 13, 2018





My sister’s garden usually needs a little tending this time of year, and we spent a peaceful morning chattering away as she weeded and transplanted.

A Box of Potential

April 11, 2018



Creativity is waiting to be unleashed!

Guide to Goodness

April 9, 2018



This recipe holder has seen better days, but I just can’t seem to toss it and start anew.  It has been with me for thirty-five years and is filled with tasty goodness, as well as a few duds.  The organization isn’t stellar, but I can visualize just about every stained recipe card, scribbled envelope, and scrap of paper that hold the possibility of a delightful treat.

A Different Perspective

April 6, 2018



If you were a cricket, this crop of greenery would look like a forest.  In actuality, these mayapples are only about three inches high.