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Fashionable Family Friday: Call to Attention

May 1, 2015

Bateman 0204


Some of us grimace, some don’t pay attention, and others just seem to sit better for portraits.


April 29, 2015



It is said that April showers bring May flowers.  If this old saying holds true, we’re in for a gorgeous month.

On the Run

April 27, 2015



H and I were doing a little window shopping last weekend when we passed these jogging mannequins.  The reflections made for a very interesting interplay of light.  Sadly, we were not inspired to join in… instead, we headed to the nearby Whole Foods for a snack.

Fashionable Family Friday: A Snapshot of Time

April 24, 2015



This may not be one of our best (or sharpest) family portraits, but it makes me grin… the outfits and the body language all so typical of us.

Hanging On

April 22, 2015



Last week, just for fun, H and I toured a model home in a new neighborhood.  These figures hung from one of the walls in the master bedroom.  I’m not sure this is what I’d want to wake up to every morning, but it certainly caught my eye.

Hail, Yes!

April 20, 2015





A tornado warning popped up this afternoon, followed by a crazy hailstorm.

Fashionable Family Friday: In the Moment

April 17, 2015



The photographer certainly caught our attention with something.


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