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Fashionable Family Friday: Thrills and Chills

October 31, 2014

Bulterman 0300


Bateman 0299


I know, I know… it’s tough to know what I was thinking, since my facial expressions were so subtle (unlike Sister S), but I’ll help you out. In the first picture, I was thrilled at the prospect of trick-or-treating in the neighborhood; in the second, you can sense how excited I was about collecting all that candy!

Halloween Countdown: Awaiting Their Turn

October 30, 2014



This little skeletal band looks quiet and contemplative now, but once they start playing, I’m sure it’s a grand party!  I’ll bet they can’t wait until tomorrow.

Dancing with the Spirits

October 29, 2014

IMG_3438 2


Santa Fe is filled with reminders of a rich Mexican heritage, especially during this time of year.   I love this colorful and elegant Catrina, seen in one of the shop windows.  She has such flair and attitude.

Halloween Countdown: Ghostly White

October 28, 2014



These little ghost cookies are way too cute to nibble on.

Halloween Countdown: Bare Bones

October 27, 2014



While in Santa Fe this past week, H and I noticed that many of the crosswalk figures had been subtly and creatively altered for the season.

Fashionable Family Friday: Three Halloween Treats

October 24, 2014

bulterman-0596 5


Bateman 0597


Bateman 0598


Here are some photos from a Halloween over thirty years ago.  I’ve incorporated my tried-and-true patchwork pants into yet another hobo costume (a recurring theme); my sisters, as usual, went in a completely different direction.

Breaking Out

October 22, 2014











During our recent visit to Dahlonega, Georgia, H and I ate at a delightful little restaurant that just happened to occupy the site of the former city jail.  (The first major gold rush in the United Staes occurred in this town, which I’m sure must have been reason enough for effective law enforcement.)  Although the pleasant dining area is outside, the path to the restrooms passes right through the jail, with original cells on either side.  When you leave, you appreciate the fresh air that much more.


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