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Fashionable Family Friday: Cruising the Jungle

May 29, 2015

Bateman 0533


Look at the excitement on our faces as we waited for the river ride to begin… well, except for little Sister L, who has apparently seen something the rest of us have not.

Bathing Beauty

May 27, 2015



Although it was designed for people, our pool continues to be an alluring attraction for local wildlife.  This little fellow took a swim last week, relying on our trusty rescue floats to climb back to safety.


May 25, 2015



H and I passed under this highway bridge while traveling through Boston this Memorial Day weekend.  It was a welcomed reminder of those we honor.

Fashionable Family Friday: Easy Riders

May 21, 2015

Bateman 0575


Aunt J was always the cool aunt!  She camped, owned a sailboat… and she had this motorcycle.    We could hardly contain our excitement as we waited for our ride around the block.  It appears that Sister L won first dibs.

Fifty Shades of Ukuleles

May 20, 2015



H and I stopped by a local music shop last week where I discovered a wall full of gorgeous ukuleles.  Their surfaces were rich in color and ran the gamut from cool blues and violets to these warm reds and natural woods. They certainly didn’t look like the instrument I played as a kid.

A Silent Path

May 18, 2015
IMG_2306 2

H and I spent a little time communing with Mama Nature this past weekend.

Fashionable Family Friday: Party in the Gardens

May 15, 2015

Bateman 0351


The difference in my sister and me just cracks me up.  I may be cute (in a sturdy black loafer and white socks kind-of-way), but Sister S is ready to rock the gardens!


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