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Breaking Out

October 22, 2014











During our recent visit to Dahlonega, Georgia, H and I ate at a delightful little restaurant that just happened to occupy the site of the former city jail.  (The first major gold rush in the United Staes occurred in this town, which I’m sure must have been reason enough for effective law enforcement.)  Although the pleasant dining area is outside, the path to the restrooms passes right through the jail, with original cells on either side.  When you leave, you appreciate the fresh air that much more.

Stately Elegance

October 20, 2014









Last year H and I visited the Denver Museum of Art while in Colorado with family.  One of my favorite exhibits was a presentation of button blankets, ceremonial outerwear worn by Northwest Coastal Tribes.  These hand-stitched capes were made of wool blankets and embellished with buttons, abalone, mother-of-pearl, and other small shells.  The designs and crests identify the wearer’s family history.  It was a gorgeous display of vibrant colors, textures, and stories just calling to be touched (which we couldn’t) and admired (which we did).

Fashionable Family Friday: Recycling Halloween

October 17, 2014

Bateman 0540


Back in the days when the only part of our Halloween costumes that might have been purchased was the mask (such as Sista L’s cat face), we were very creative.  My hobo attire appears to be a combination of birthday outfits… blue party pants with oversized white shirt and the ever-popular red celebration blouse.

Rest Stop

October 15, 2014









The church where I work has a small wildflower garden located near the office door.  With the change of season, I’ve noticed that it has begun to look a bit scruffy… and, well, wild… but it is also a stopover for flying visitors.  I observed no less than nine Monarch butterflies refueling on their way to Mexico, numerous bees guzzling nectar, and birds flitting in and out gathering seeds.  It’s a busy, beautiful sight to behold.

The Season Has Begun

October 13, 2014




H is a percussionist with the Georgia Philharmonic, and his first concert of the season was Saturday.  The program featured music from anime, video games, science fiction, and fantasy.  Not being well-versed in this genre, I was surprised and delighted at how beautiful and moving the music was.

Fashionable Family Friday: Ready for a Day at the Office

October 10, 2014

Bulterman 0860

Bulterman 0861

Yes, I also used to dress up at Halloween for work… homemade costume, coffee filter collar, white tights, and big bloomers.

The Past in Iron

October 8, 2014


While visiting Dahlonega, Georgia this past weekend, H and I discovered this Maibaum (Maypole) History Tree.  It was created for the city’s Golden Millennium Celebration and depicts the town’s history, from prehistoric times to the present.


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