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Fashionable family Friday: The Road Beckons

September 12, 2014

Bateman 0640

As you can see, we’re pumped for our next camping adventure.  I don’t know where Sister S thinks she’s going to store that bicycle.


September 10, 2014


It’s never to early to start planning for colder weather.  These silly winter hats, spotted in San Francisco last fall, caught my eye and really made me chuckle.  I love the idea of wearing a different character for each day of the week.

Sittin’ Pretty

September 8, 2014





Each of these chairs sits in a different city throughout the world.  These really appeal to me because they are universal symbols of rest and welcome.

Fashionable Family Friday: I’d Rather Be In Kansas

September 5, 2014

Bateman 0140

I must have been thinking that closing my eyes and clicking my heels three times would make this noisemaker (cousin V) disappear.  Sister S appears a bit stunned by the spectacle.

Caught at the Salad Bar

September 3, 2014

IMG_1921 2


I don’t want to point any fingers, but something has been munching away at my hostas.  I believe I have identified the perpetrator.  At this rate, I won’t need to cut the plants back after the first hard frost.

Travelers Welcome

September 1, 2014



My goal this year has been to be an extra good steward of Mother Nature’s wildlife.  With that in mind, I crossed my fingers and planted two milkweed plants in April for any monarch butterflies journeying south.  Not only did we have our first guest this weekend, but a neighboring bumblebee stopped by as well.

Postscript: I recently learned that my bumblebee is actually a carpenter bee.

Fashionable Family Friday: Strike a Pose

August 29, 2014


IMG_0026 2

It used to be tough to wrangle everyone into place for the perfect family photo (and even today it can be challenging).  Looks like little Sister L didn’t quite get with the program… but kudos to Sister S for lending a helpful hand with Tinker.


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