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Fashionable Family Friday: Snowsuits Then and Now

February 7, 2014

Bateman 0644

1621992_705291076167951_256198710_n 3

1522758_705293052834420_1408613224_o 2

I don’t remember looking cute or fashionable when I played in the snow as a kid.  We had a mish-mash of layers and hand-me-downs.  Here my little sis, L looks a tad snug in that jacket, but at least her red boots and gloves match.  That’s me in the background to the left (with friends) in the black combat boots, matching cap, overstuffed raincoat, and wooly plaid pants… charming.

But look at the newer photos below:   THESE are snowsuits!  Meet our great-nieces, M and T, who live Out West.  Dressed like this, you couldn’t possibly do anything BUT have fun in the snow.  If these outfits had been available when I was a youngster, I would never have come inside!

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