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The Eighth Month

August 12, 2013


Three years ago I wrote a blog entry called August Doldrums in which I suggested that the month of August was lacking in many ways.  Over time I have reevaluated my position, and August now sits very close to the top of my favorites list.

I’ve come to recognize a certain vibrancy in August (especially in nature) that I failed to absorb in the past.  It is really a month of preparation and transition.  There’s a unique richness to the shades of green as foliage begins to dull down; flowers that were once showy have now faded into sources of sustenance and fuel; our backyard is filled with hummingbirds bulking up for strenuous flights south; young cardinals are still learning the ropes of survival; summer crops continue to produce bountiful harvests; and, with the sun glowing from a new angle, the days are shorter but no less dynamic.

August is, in its own way, very robust, and I have a new-found respect for her offerings.


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