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Nearby in a Manger

December 13, 2012

Bulterman 0424Bulterman 0379IMG_1405My mother was always very artistic and crafty, a talent that she shared with us throughout her lifetime.  Each Christmas season, under Mom’s tutelage, my younger sisters and I would make a variety of holiday decorations… this nativity being one of my favorites.

The first photo shows how the nativity was originally displayed in 1967.  The second (family) photo shows my sisters and me the year we made it.  We lived in Florida at the time (I love that huge poinsettia bush behind us).  When I look at how young we were, I can only imagine the patience Mom must have had as she helped us develop our creative skills.

We’ve passed this family treasure back and forth between us over the years, and it now resides at my home; as the bottom photo shows, it (and its inhabitants) have aged quite nicely.

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