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A Short-Lived Christmas Tradition

December 8, 2012

Christmas BushCopy of Christmas Bush.AYes, that is my father in the early 1970’s playing Twister.  Mom and Dad belonged to a very active bridge club, and I believe this is their annual Christmas party (that’s our neighbor with him).  I want you, however, to look past the shenanigans of the game and at the wall behind them.  Do you see that green sparkly ball?  That was our holiday tree that year – or as we like to call it, the Christmas Bush.

For reasons never quite understood, Mom had decided that my sisters and I needed a tree of our own to decorate, and a bush for the front lawn was just the answer.  I remember raising an eyebrow at this notion, but when my mother made up her mind, it was a done deal.  We prettied it up as best we could with tinsel and paper ornaments, draping a white sheet to hide the root ball… but a bush is still a bush no matter how fancy you make it.  Today my sisters and I get a big laugh out of this episode, but it was a little traumatic back then.  I assume that the bush, now considerably larger, is thriving in the yard of our old house.

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  1. December 9, 2012 8:47 am

    Ha! Ha! Ha! I remember thinking…you’ve got to be kidding! But, I think we did a great job decorating it, especially since it had no branches! My favorite will always be the tinsel and Kleenex tissue butterfly…after all, if you can’t make it pretty, hide it!! Love the post!

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