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September 30, 2012

I know, I know… these photos are way too dark and grainy, but wait… let me explain.

When H and I ventured to the grocery store this afternoon, a friendly fellow shopper loading her car warned us that the power was out but that the store was still functioning.  That was good, because we had stuff to buy!

And so we see H straining to find the pick-a-size paper towels.  Without the hum of equipment, it was eerily quiet in the aisles.  Clerks armed with flashlights stocked shelves as customers continued to shop.  I saw the glow of at least one iPhone illuminating the meat counter.  Still, although the conveyor belts didn’t budge, the backup generators kept the registers running, and customers were checking out at a near-normal pace.

Contrary to our initial trepidation, it turned into a great shopping adventure.


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