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Leapin’ Lizard

April 10, 2012

Mother Nature has such a stunning imagination, especially when it comes to the intricate details.  The textures and patterns that clothe her creatures are remarkable, and I am never disappointed when I’m allowed a closer look.  Sometimes, though, it takes seeing something out of context to really catch my attention.

While recently dining outside at a local café, H and I watched as this fellow crawled across a tabletop, leaped to the chair seat, and shimmied down the metal leg before stopping to regroup on a fence rail.  It held still long enough for photos and then scampered off into the bushes.  The little girl next to us squealed with delight at seeing the lizard.  I was squealing too (in my mind, of course) at having the chance to observe something so common and yet so beautiful and extraordinary.

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  1. April 11, 2012 9:03 am

    Mother Nature has definately created a beautiful lizard, but I’m much more interested in the EB and table decorations. I want to come to your house next year!

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